Our overall commitment to geographic information in Ireland and our solid financial status underpins our credibility in both the short and long term. Our track record demonstrates that we operate responsively, flexibly and in partnership with our customers and the geographic information community in general. Our focus is on solving business problems and improving business agility by working proactively with our customers to ensure that we give you what you want not what we think you need.


We are a company that can be trusted to consistently deliver industry leading innovation, renowned spatial integration, efficient and effective data capture and complex corporate and enterprise class solutions with the required support services for mission critical systems.

Scale, depth & breadth of solutions & services

We are a company that has the resources and expertise to provide you with a professional services offering that is flexible and adaptable to deliver complete enterprise business solutions over the lifetime of your needs.

Industry Leadership

We are a company that offers our customers “best-of-breed” in market leading technologies, solutions and associated services; Esri is at the forefront of innovation in the spatial software industry and are working now on the technologies that will be used in the future to access on-line digital information.


We are a company that incorporates a fundamental understanding of location, place & geography with a clear vision of how to help our customer visualise, analyse & optimise their data in support of their own strategic business objectives.

Local Presence

A company with significant local strength and presence in the Irish market place and one who will supply affordable resources that are focussed on solving business problems, improving business agility and ultimately making a positive contribution to your business.

Best Use of Data Award at Digital DNA Awards 2016

Demonstrating our credentials of industry leadership and vision we were awarded the "Best use of Data" award at the Digital DNA Awards 2016. These awards recognise and reward businesses that incorporate Technology and Innovation into their DNA.